Case Study 1 - BAFTA-winning writer Geoff Thompson

Geoff has a rich and powerful story of confronting fears and living an inspired life. Going from sweeping floors in a factory and being a nightclub bouncer to being a best selling authour and BAFTA winning writer Geoff's story inspires thousands of people to change their life. It was important for me to convey as much of that as possible in one stand-alone portrait. 

Props are used in this portrait to both frame Geoff and tell his story. The dog-eared notepads on the desk are the original manuscripts written on the factory toilet that went on to become one of his many best-selling books. When Geoff was starting to send his manuscripts out he realized he needed them to be typed, and for a working class man in Coventry in the 80's if you owned a typewriter you were a bit posh, so he had to borrow one. I sourced this typewriter from an antique shop to keep authenticity. Geoff's writing career grew and grew until he eventually won a BAFTA for a short film he wrote, having been nominated the previous year for a short film called Bouncer with Ray Winstone.

Telling Geoff's story with a strong, content-rich portrait like this caught the eye of the BAFTA-Guru team on Twitter, who mentioned the portrait and interview we did to their 14,600 followers. This was then retweeted 10 times and 'favourited' 20 times, which is testament to the power of a strong portrait for your brand.

I have worked with Richard Munn on personal portrait commissions, and large film events, he always delivers beautiful work. When I need essential imagery, he is always my first port of call.

He is a gentle soul, very lovely to work with and he has the gift of taking his lens beyond the mundane to capture the ephemeral. Richard is an artist.
— Geoff Thompson BAFTA winning writer

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