Working with small to medium business owners I seek to understand the core values and inspiration behind the service, product and brand.  

Krystal Woodbridge is the owner of Woodbridge Therapy Ltd. Krystal and her two associate therapists Sally and Kirsty provide in-depth support for individuals and couples to have deeper, more emotionally vibrant relationships.  

In our pre-portrait consultation I was asking about Krystal's inspiration and found out that she loves being in nature and draws a lot of her personal creativity from the natural world and being in nature. During our consultation we found out that Nature would be a powerful theme and conversation for Woodridge Therapy, not only in terms of brand positioning but also content creation and the services Woodbridge Therapy will provide.  

Bringing together Woodbridge Therapy's core values of warmth and openness with their market positioning of a nature-inspired psychotherapy service I suggested we situate the portraits for all 3 therapists outside. On the day of the shoot it was typical British weather, overcast and raining, not exactly what we'd hoped for! By using portable studio lighting I was able to change the lighting environment from grey and dismal to the warmth and freshness of a late summer afternoon. The result is glowing portraits that have people feeling instantly welcomed and reassured when they visit Woodbridge Therapy's website seeking guidance with possibly the most meaningful areas of their lives - love and relationship.

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