A bit about me (and how I can help You)

My name is Richard Munn - as a portrait photographer I specialise in coaching my clients based on their specific career goals as actors.  

Different roles require different headshots. By offering a consultation prior to the headshot session, including a review of your current portfolio, we together pin-point what roles you currently secure with ease, what roles you want to cultivate further, and what images best position you to achieve more of both

Having this collaborative goal in mind before, during, and after the session removes the anxiety often associated with the headshot session because we're now both working towards the same clear goal

My portfolios demonstrate both a range and depth of expression that attracts the agency representation, auditions, and roles that you see yourself inhabiting. 

Photographers love to talk gadgets and gizmos but the real key to the portrait is the expression and connection we feel.  Something that differentiates the way I work is that I don't only put you at ease during the session - I give direction and clear feedback so that you connect with the camera and stand out from the crowd.

Together we'll create headshots that book auditions and grow your look to book new roles.

A headshot session includes:

1. A consultation prior to the shoot to ascertain what roles you currently get and what roles you would like to grow into. When we have established this we work together on the day to shoot not only the looks you are familiar with but also the looks that you may be unfamiliar or unsure about but are excited to develop.

2. A review  of your previous headshots. This helps us see what works for you, and also what we can improve on going forward. 

3. Advice on wardrobe and make-up.

4. The headshot session is organised so that we can create a range and depth of expression that will have you booking the kind of auditions you've always dreamed about.  During the session there is time for wardrobe changes and image reviews to ensure you're getting the headshots you need.

5. Following the session all images are uploaded to an online gallery, enabling you to choose your favourites from the comfort of your own living room.  If needed I can also provide input on what headshots I think are best based on expression and engagement. We can also include access for your agent to receive their feedback.

6. After you have chosen which headshots you want based on what auditions you want to land and roles you want to book the final images will be professionally retouched to a high standard and returned to you in both print and web format within 3 working days.

I have worked with Richard Munn on personal portrait commissions, and large film events, he always delivers beautiful work. When I need essential imagery, he is always my first port of call. 

He is a gentle soul, very lovely to work with and he has the gift of taking his lens beyond the mundane to capture the ephemeral. Richard is an artist.”

— Geoff Thompson

BAFTA winning writer


"I cannot praise this lovely man enough. Getting your headshots done is as exciting as it is intimidating, I was thrilled to meet a photographer who not only made me feel instantly at home but whom offered superb direction and instructions to achieve wonderful results. I'm so glad the Richard was recommended to me by other industry professionals, the best shoot I've had with terrific results."

- Kate Marie Davies

Actress with Simon & Howe Associates


2 Retouched Final Images - 1 hour session - £150

4 Retouched Final Images - 2 hour session - £250

6 Retouched Final Images - 3.5 hour session - £350

A £50 deposit is required at the time of booking. If you need to change your date up to 2 days before the session this deposit can be moved to a different date. 

Contact me on 07597 143037 or e-mail info at richardmunn.com and take that step to the next level in your career!