Empathy in Business with Bradley Spitzer


February 2016

In this podcast I speak with Bradley Spitzer, both a marketer and photographer. Bradley recently graduated from Seth Godin's Alt MBA program and now coaches on that program.

A consistent theme for the podcast was the importance of empathy in both business and creative endeavours.

Empathy, it turns out, is crucial in being an artist rather than a commodity in whatever field you're pursuing. 

Show Notes

4:30 - Leading with Empathy to create change

9:45 - The power of 'People Like Us do Things Like This'

14:30 - What do Magazines buy when they hire a photographer?

15:45 - David Bailey and Power in photography

21:45 - Developing your own point of view

26:15 - What projects excite Bradley right now?

32:30 - Photography as an excuse to explore

35:00 - Photography to document change made in the NGO sphere

37:00 - Growing as a photographer by understanding multiple roles

45:00 - The importance of asking questions to understand the change your client is seeking

57:00 - How to move from Commodity to Artist (in whatever you're doing)

63:00 - The Judo of meeting a client 'where they're at' 

 67:00 - Is there a method to understanding what your desired client values in advance?

73:00 - Making art by 'bumping into' the world and others

88:00 - Serving others by owning your whole story


Healthy Boundaries for Kind People with Randi Buckley

Hi Everyone, earlier int he year I had the pleasure of talking with Randi Buckley about boundaries - what they are, why they're important, what challenges we face around them, what the difference is between being nice and kind, and much more besides. 

Randi has provided consulting or coaching to and in organisations like Stanford University, the Dallas Cowboys, The Omega Institute, and The Oscars. You can see more of her work at https://www.randibuckley.com

Some of the topics discussed:

  • What is a boundary, and why is it important?
  • Why might kind people struggle with boundaries?
  • How can boundaries help create the qualities you want more of in your life?
  • Boundaries in creativity and business
  • Why might we not honour our own boundaries?
  • Are there different kinds of boundaries?
  • Do powerful people still need help with boundaries?

There's a ton more, which I hope you enjoy and benefit from.