Empathy in Business with Bradley Spitzer


February 2016

In this podcast I speak with Bradley Spitzer, both a marketer and photographer. Bradley recently graduated from Seth Godin's Alt MBA program and now coaches on that program.

A consistent theme for the podcast was the importance of empathy in both business and creative endeavours.

Empathy, it turns out, is crucial in being an artist rather than a commodity in whatever field you're pursuing. 

Show Notes

4:30 - Leading with Empathy to create change

9:45 - The power of 'People Like Us do Things Like This'

14:30 - What do Magazines buy when they hire a photographer?

15:45 - David Bailey and Power in photography

21:45 - Developing your own point of view

26:15 - What projects excite Bradley right now?

32:30 - Photography as an excuse to explore

35:00 - Photography to document change made in the NGO sphere

37:00 - Growing as a photographer by understanding multiple roles

45:00 - The importance of asking questions to understand the change your client is seeking

57:00 - How to move from Commodity to Artist (in whatever you're doing)

63:00 - The Judo of meeting a client 'where they're at' 

 67:00 - Is there a method to understanding what your desired client values in advance?

73:00 - Making art by 'bumping into' the world and others

88:00 - Serving others by owning your whole story