Case Study 2 - Connecting through Social Media 

This portrait was made for Shinzan Roshi, a Zen Calligraphy master visiting from Japan during an exhibition of his work in London. The purpose of this portrait was to clearly express Shinzan Roshi's presence as an artist and raise awareness to those interested in Zen or Japanese culture that he had an upcoming art exhibition. 

Zen teachers are known for being clear and direct with their teachings so simplicity and a strong composition were key for this image. I wanted to include Shinzan Roshi's work in the portrait and the classic Zen 'enso' (circle) provides a dynamic frame that draws the viewers eye to the subject. Anyone already familiar with Shinzan Roshi's work will also notice his signature to the left of frame, which was appreciated by members of his community. 

We can see that when an image is created that resonates the response can be fantastic. The image was 'liked' on facebook 189 times, shared 13 times, and drove a lot of traffic to the exhibition website. Once on the exhibition landing page people could book onto a class or retreat with Shinzan Roshi, buy his book, or a piece of his beautiful calligraphy. 


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